Vagina Weight Lifting !

I love sex because, it’s a very sexy good workout. I mean I get to burn calories and enjoy my partner. I also get to try different positions that require intense shared thrusting between myself and my partner. Another form of a good intense workout is my private masturbation time. I love it! Teasing myself all over exploring new erotic zones on myself is so stimulating. Just thinking of such pleasures makes me want to rub out a quickie right now. In my search for a hot sexual workout I have come across something new “vagina Weightlifting” Which is something I want and need to do to strengthen my vagina walls. I figure if I dive into a practice such as this my vagina will be able to do sexy things to a penis or a toy of choice. Just the idea about this makes me excited. A good vaginal work out will allow me to ejaculate across the room. Sexual satisfaction is very important for health and glowing skin. So from now on I am going to add a vagina workout routine to my sexual activities. With that said call me on profile number 819732 for some one on one ejaculation fun.

13 thoughts on “Vagina Weight Lifting !”

    1. I love the fact that you are into a bit of Golden shower action. Very much a big turn on. I know you and I can get into many different sexy positions.

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  3. I want to touch myself while I am chatting with you. And I want you to do the same for me. Please!!

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