National Masturbation Month

It`s so hard to say good-bye to the month of May. National masturbation month is slowly coming to an end and we as well should start cumming harder. Just to keep this precious month by making ourselves feel really good. I just love celebrating this month with a partner or by myself. Now when with myself I sometimes like to get in and out but when it’s May I pay special attention to all of me and just take my time and celebrate. Besides so many good benefits from masturbation. Such as for women, there is stress relief, sleep better, and glowing skin and more. For men, mood boost, somewhat controls premature ejaculation, and helps with men not getting prostate cancer and much more as well. So for the remaining days lets rub one out together. I mean it will be good to share with one of you all a hot mutual masturbation session. And it will be a good workout that will have you looking forward to more sexy adventures in the future.