Hey guys, I just got back to my apartment and I must say it feels good to live on my own this semester. I decided that was the best move because the roommate I had last year kept accusing me of fucking her boyfriend when I wasn’t. He was too submissive for me to fuck. I was wallet raping him and that’s it I swear it scouts honor…Although I have never been a scout and I did dress him up like a sissy bitch and spanked him on Black Friday for not getting to the mall in time to purchase all of the items on my wishlist; but that’s it. What can I say? Real men play,sissy boys pay ;) I’m really a sweet girl but ever since I started having sex I’ve noticed there is always a power play in affect most just choose to go along with it instead of going deeper and exploring all of the perks it can bring into the bedroom; or even the bank account. The men whose submissive nature I exploit want it; don’t you dare feel sorry for them. They love worshiping me and taking care of all of my desires and in return they receive my attention which, lets be realistic, they would never receive in any other realm. That reminds me I need some new drapes and little high-end accent pieces for around the living room. I’m off to make a wishlist at my favorite stores. Later Days :) xoxoxo