The Great Penis Festival!

I love festivals for their colorful cultures and beauty they display and of course the history. the newest festival I have come to really appreciate with a big smile on my face is Japan`s penis festival that is held in the spring. People come to Kawasaki Japan to celebrate Kanamara Matsuri which is “Festival of the Steel Phallus.” There is indeed history behind it. The legend of it involves a woman`s vagina and a penis. The story is told a couple of ways so it`s good for one to just search and discover a bit more of Kanamara Matsuri. At the end of the day it`s lots of penises to see in different forms,shapes, and even made into edible goodies for ones mouth to literally enjoy. This festival includes raising money for HIV research. A festival like this is a tour attraction and a bit of a sexy history lesson rolled up into one. I love penis/cock and would so love to be a part of something like this. I know I would just be cumming all day long from seeing penis everywhere in my view. Totally for more on this festival check out YouTube. Lots of highlights on the festival.



4 thoughts on “The Great Penis Festival!”

  1. You just bring your penis over to my wet mouth and we will have our own penis festival together.

    1. Mmm now I would really like that. Then from there we can get into lots of sexy positions together. I could use a good work out!!

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