Erogenous Zone Pleasures

Our erogenous zones on our bodies are understood to be parts of our bodies that are sensitive especially when someone touches us in an erotic or sensual way. For me there are a couple of spots or places on my body, three to be exact that get pretty heated and excited. One is between my inner thighs. Soft kisses and a firm grip or massage really gets me going. I swear it makes me melt away. Another part of my body that I consider to be an erogenous zone is my nipples. They get to be almost and inch long when someone is handling them with their hands and lots of tongue action involved. It`s the most amazing feeling in the world having a hand on them and watching how my freckles stand up all around my hard nipples. My final Erogenous zone is my pleasure palace. Yes!! My pussy area and with the slightest stroke or lick from a tongue is when I know I`m in heaven. Just thinking of it right now gets me smiling and so happy. The bottom line these are where I like to be touched, lick, and tease everyone is different some may like someone to tease there feet or neck. Its just a good idea to explore your partner all over and communicate with each other. When with a guy I do fine his erogenous zone pleasures are his ears due to the fact that ears have nerves endings in them and send a signal to the brain that basically lets the body know pleasure is happening and more is coming. The penis area, which is a given. For those who are a bit daring and really want to explore try the male G-spot/prostate. So my advice is to start exploring right now and you can start exploring my erogenous zone pleasures by calling me on profile Number 819732. I promise the same will be done to you and make your orgasm something to remember.


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    1. Hi!! Thank you for the kind words. I need some hot sexy activities to happen between us. I have a very willing tongue that loves to please.

    1. I would love for you to explore all of my sexy parts. And I would love to do the same for you. Especially get to know that cock of yours much better.

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