National Masturbation Month

It`s so hard to say good-bye to the month of May. National masturbation month is slowly coming to an end and we as well should start cumming harder. Just to keep this precious month by making ourselves feel really good. I just love celebrating this month with a partner or by myself. Now when with myself I sometimes like to get in and out but when it’s May I pay special attention to all of me and just take my time and celebrate. Besides so many good benefits from masturbation. Such as for women, there is stress relief, sleep better, and glowing skin and more. For men, mood boost, somewhat controls premature ejaculation, and helps with men not getting prostate cancer and much more as well. So for the remaining days lets rub one out together. I mean it will be good to share with one of you all a hot mutual masturbation session. And it will be a good workout that will have you looking forward to more sexy adventures in the future.




The Great Penis Festival!

I love festivals for their colorful cultures and beauty they display and of course the history. the newest festival I have come to really appreciate with a big smile on my face is Japan`s penis festival that is held in the spring. People come to Kawasaki Japan to celebrate Kanamara Matsuri which is “Festival of the Steel Phallus.” There is indeed history behind it. The legend of it involves a woman`s vagina and a penis. The story is told a couple of ways so it`s good for one to just search and discover a bit more of Kanamara Matsuri. At the end of the day it`s lots of penises to see in different forms,shapes, and even made into edible goodies for ones mouth to literally enjoy. This festival includes raising money for HIV research. A festival like this is a tour attraction and a bit of a sexy history lesson rolled up into one. I love penis/cock and would so love to be a part of something like this. I know I would just be cumming all day long from seeing penis everywhere in my view. Totally for more on this festival check out YouTube. Lots of highlights on the festival.



Erotic Anus Art

I love art! I especially love art that makes me say “wow” and I truly love kinky art such as nudes, deep kissing, or celebrated pictures of erotic orgies. Naked statues oh yes great to fantasy about how I would look naked with them. I also love Kama Sutra art that just tells a story of a seducing arousing position that one should experience/try at some point doing their journey of love making or fucking experiences. Lately, what is really hot is the concept of making art out of ones anus. Magnus Irvin is someone who makes art out of ones anus by way of making it a bronze anus or edible anus to eat. Just thinking about this gets my anus sweet hole very excited. I sure would love to try something like this.


What I like most is the position that Magnus puts his clients in. I mean it`s a really good hot position which one could totally have great sex in as well as achieve an intense orgasm. A creative mind and good flexibility goes a long.

Vagina Weight Lifting !

I love sex because, it’s a very sexy good workout. I mean I get to burn calories and enjoy my partner. I also get to try different positions that require intense shared thrusting between myself and my partner. Another form of a good intense workout is my private masturbation time. I love it! Teasing myself all over exploring new erotic zones on myself is so stimulating. Just thinking of such pleasures makes me want to rub out a quickie right now. In my search for a hot sexual workout I have come across something new “vagina Weightlifting” Which is something I want and need to do to strengthen my vagina walls. I figure if I dive into a practice such as this my vagina will be able to do sexy things to a penis or a toy of choice. Just the idea about this makes me excited. A good vaginal work out will allow me to ejaculate across the room. Sexual satisfaction is very important for health and glowing skin. So from now on I am going to add a vagina workout routine to my sexual activities. With that said call me on profile number 819732 for some one on one ejaculation fun.

Erogenous Zone Pleasures

Our erogenous zones on our bodies are understood to be parts of our bodies that are sensitive especially when someone touches us in an erotic or sensual way. For me there are a couple of spots or places on my body, three to be exact that get pretty heated and excited. One is between my inner thighs. Soft kisses and a firm grip or massage really gets me going. I swear it makes me melt away. Another part of my body that I consider to be an erogenous zone is my nipples. They get to be almost and inch long when someone is handling them with their hands and lots of tongue action involved. It`s the most amazing feeling in the world having a hand on them and watching how my freckles stand up all around my hard nipples. My final Erogenous zone is my pleasure palace. Yes!! My pussy area and with the slightest stroke or lick from a tongue is when I know I`m in heaven. Just thinking of it right now gets me smiling and so happy. The bottom line these are where I like to be touched, lick, and tease everyone is different some may like someone to tease there feet or neck. Its just a good idea to explore your partner all over and communicate with each other. When with a guy I do fine his erogenous zone pleasures are his ears due to the fact that ears have nerves endings in them and send a signal to the brain that basically lets the body know pleasure is happening and more is coming. The penis area, which is a given. For those who are a bit daring and really want to explore try the male G-spot/prostate. So my advice is to start exploring right now and you can start exploring my erogenous zone pleasures by calling me on profile Number 819732. I promise the same will be done to you and make your orgasm something to remember.


Being a Pansexual

I love being a pansexual do to the fact I consider myself to be gender blind. I will fall in love with a man or woman or someone who likes to express themselves through gender identification. My Pansexuality is special to me because I just feel so open to letting lots of new and wonderful experiences into my life. I am so glad that I am not alone when it comes to my sexual beliefs. In fact a number of notable people are expressing their views on the subject. Such as Miley Cyrus who I think is hot and I totally love everything about her. The fact that she has openly with much passion expressed being a pansexual is very hot and also is comforting to me as well and lets me know it’s ok to be as I am. At this moment I am so ready to grab hold of my pansexual flag and let it fly really high. The benefits to me of being a pansexual is that it helps me understand myself and others better on a positive level.



Sapiosexual Power!

I love being a sapiosexual, I mean I just get so turned on by ones sexy mind and their thoughts. Which, by the way a sapiosexual is someone like me who is turned on by ones intellect. A Person`s intellect is very hot and when they speak on a certain topic that they are knowledgeable about I get really excited. A smart person with brain power makes my pussy very wet. I do like guys for different reasons but sometimes I just find someone who knows a bit about this and that then the panties get a bit moist. My attraction to a person who is smart and witty sometimes gets me in trouble because then I like to be a bit more flirty and touchy feeling. I have to be honest right now I am craving a hot conversation that just gets me heated and turned on so much to the fact that it has me just wanting to squirt away with pleasure. I am up for anything a deep conversation about sex, cars, or etc. Bottom line every one knows a little something about something whether it`s a hobby or just general knowledge about a specific topic of choice. What really gets me going is when I am cuddling with someone and they share their working knowledge of something they have a deep passion for and incorporate a bit of foreplay into the mix and their breathing starts to change along with mine. Very hot and sure enough we in up in doing the deed in different positions and I end up with a bit of knowledge on the topic myself and a indulging orgasm. Very Cool!! So, find me on 819732 and share with me any and everything. I want to feel your brain power seducing me while I do the same and show you what a true sapiosexual I am with my oral skills.


Naughty Asian Fashion

I love fashion! I love wearing something sexy and doing a bit of show and tell with what I have on. I absolutely love showing off my perky breast at times. That is what makes summer so wonderful because less is best and I so get to do a bit of teasing by showing more skin. When it comes to fashion new ideas and trends are always coming out to the public. The newest fashion trend is in Asia, turning an ordinary plastic bag into a wearable item. This is way cool and I so want to start doing this myself. This trend seems to have started when Cheng-hsing a night club owner posted a picture of himself in a plastic bag of some sort on social media. After that numerous women in Taiwan saw the post then they began to take interest in the idea of making typical store bags into fashionable bathing suit wear or sexy tops. It seems even some men are sporting and showing interest in this new trend. Too cool! Now this has become so popular with woman wearing 7-eleven bags in such a very sexy manner. The idea of how they are expressing themselves is very hot and new and is something I would certainly try myself. Fashion is constantly changing and I so want to hop on board and enjoy all the fashion I can. Besides this is such a sexy idea and my tits will look amazing in a plastic tight fitted bag.


Check out this video down below of this new trend!!

Stripteasing And Pleasing!!

The way I see it stripteasing and pleasing go hand in hand with each other and it`s so much good therapy for the guy who is watching. I mean after a stressful day or even doing ones lunch break or even in the bedroom this can be very relaxing and calming. To me striping is not just taking off my clothing its more to me as a sensual dance to let my special someone who is watching me know that I want them and want to please them in all sorts of ways. Even if they are not in front of me,I love to talk/text and describe what is on and what is coming off bit by bit. I do think it’s very important to have music when doing this pleasurable act. I mean just think about it music does speak to the soul. And,I when dancing or talking would like it to speak to the penis who I am doing this for. I think what would really make stripteasing and pleasing really hot is if my partner and I both do it together and we are so in sync that it becomes a form of foreplay before the deed. I know things can be hot and heavy at times but it really is important to have a moment or two with some hot foreplay involved. Even if is just a whisper in the ear or a fantasy shared. So call me on, profile number 819732. I want to know your sexual fantasy and I want to share mine with you as I strip and tease your cock with and for you. Please have some music on in the back ground and close those eyes of yours. I will tell you how to touch your cock and touch me. I really want to get that glaze icing out of your cock so we can enjoy a memorable cock cumming session between us.

Creampie Action!!

I am so in the mood for some hot steamy Creampie action. This all came about due to the fact that I have been watching a lot of porn lately. I can`t help myself, porn is my new adult teacher of pleasure in my book. I find it even hotter watching a porn with a guy and then recreating the same sex scene between us. When doing so it just makes us explore more erotic sensual sex positions. Lots of porn movies have creampie action and I would certainly like to try it so I can feel like a porn star. Plus I think my partner will love being my sexy co-star who is the giver of this hot seductive act.
Basically a creampie is a cum shot that is taken in the vagina or anus. Or in down right kinky terms as you all may already know the pussy or ass. What makes it a creampie is when the cock/penis is removed from the spot of choice and all the cum/ejaculation drips down like a sexy creampie. I have seen some porn movies when the guy lets his sweet juices drip down then slides his fingers into his partner and gets her to gush out a huge big cum load. Very Sexy!! When I get to have the opportunity to have a hot creampie doing sex I so want my guy to slide two fingers inside me and then smear his cum on his cock so I can polish or lick up his cum to get him really excited and wanting to try more sexy activities with me in different positions or with another girl. Which I have also seen being done in a porn movie as well. So please share and let me know how you would give me a nice creampie. Or,tell me if you have ever given one before? I can`t wait to hear. Just thinking about it really gets my pussy excited. Perfect example of how I want my Creampie action to look like down below.