Being a Pansexual

I love being a pansexual do to the fact I consider myself to be gender blind. I will fall in love with a man or woman or someone who likes to express themselves through gender identification. My Pansexuality is special to me because I just feel so open to letting lots of new and wonderful experiences into my life. I am so glad that I am not alone when it comes to my sexual beliefs. In fact a number of notable people are expressing their views on the subject. Such as Miley Cyrus who I think is hot and I totally love everything about her. The fact that she has openly with much passion expressed being a pansexual is very hot and also is comforting to me as well and lets me know it’s ok to be as I am. At this moment I am so ready to grab hold of my pansexual flag and let it fly really high. The benefits to me of being a pansexual is that it helps me understand myself and others better on a positive level.



15 thoughts on “Being a Pansexual”

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    1. Mmmmm love it very big turned on to hear that being expressed. Would love for you to express it naked while being naughty!! very yummy to think about.

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